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Getting Started with RA: What are Claims? How do you work with them?

The Research Analysis platform is centred around the concept of the scientific claim. The goal of a claim is to take a hypothesis that has been argued in the literature and state it in a formalised language that allows for easier comparison, searching and analysis.

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Causation in Medical Scientific Statements

The concept of causation is a very difficult philosophical topic and does not have a definitive definition. The causation implied by the Research Analysis model has been of interest to me for some time and in this article the topic is explored.

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Popperian Falsifiability is Only Theoretical: Evidence can never definitively reject a hypothesis

Popperian falsifiability [1] is a cornerstone of modern science and its philosophy. I will not question the importance of Popper’s work; it was a major source of inspiration for our work. I will not argue that there are weaknesses in the concept of falsifiability of scientific hypotheses. Popper made it ...

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