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Representation of individual medical event claims

In the previous article , the logical representation of medical science claims was investigated. Scientific claims have the goal of compressing experimental evidence into rules or models that reliably represent the evidence and make good predictions about future events. In this article, a step is taken back and the representation ...

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Representation of the meaning of scientific claims

Researchers in medical science work hard to express their views and findings in language which is unambiguous and consistent, but natural language is not well suited to the task, for example: (1) a. “Statin therapy can safely reduce the 5-year incidence of major coronary events, coronary revascularisation, and stroke by ...

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Acquaintance and Knowledge About the World – Descriptions in Medical Science

Denotation involves the interpretation of denoting phrases such as: a cell, some cell, every cell, all cells, the zygote that developed into Bertrand Russell, the unfertilised ovum that developed into Bertrand Russell. The theory of descriptions, developed by Bertrand Russell beginning with his work On Denoting [1], provides a means ...

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