Semantics in Medical Science Literature – Introduction

By Scott Needham
Posted in Scientific Knowledge Management

This is the topic for a series of knowledge base articles that will provide an introduction to semantics with a focus on the medical science literature. We have found a number of introductory texts on semantics to be very valuable, but haven’t been able to find any that have a focus on science. Coming from the field of linguistics, it makes sense that these texts focus on general human language. Some of the advanced concepts in semantics deal with the complexity of human conversation where there is a large body of unspoken understanding and context between the speakers. Colloquial language makes it even harder. Scientific language on the other hand tends to be more formal and declarative, but it has its own complexities. There may be introductory texts addressing the semantics of scientific language, but we haven’t been able to find them. As a result, we will likely attempt explanations that have been made before and with more rigor. Where you know this is the case, please let us know and will correct the text and include references. We felt that these articles would be a valuable learning tool for our users and for us.

Research Analysis was developed before we gained an understanding of the formal semantic analysis methods and the sematic tools that have been developed. We expect the Research Analysis platform to evolve as a result of our better understanding of these semantic tools and techniques.

Version 1.0, 18th August, 2016