Getting Started with RA: What are Claims? How do you work with them?

By Scott Needham
Posted in How to use Research Analysis and FAQ

The Research Analysis platform is centred around the concept of the scientific claim. The goal of a claim is to take a hypothesis that has been argued in the literature and state it in a formalised language that allows for easier comparison, searching and analysis.

While there are several types of scientific claim, Research Analysis is currently focused on Cause-Effect type scientific claims eg. Statins Decrease Coronary Artery Disease in Humans. We have broken up the components of Cause-Effect claims and formalised their language and structure to make them easier to compare, search and analyse. The easiest way to see how they work is to look through some examples in the View Claims table, but here we provide an overview of the model.

Research Analysis model

Figure 1. Research Analysis Knowledge Management Model

We do allow for new terms to be added where there is no satisfactory term in the above databases, however the use of standardised terms allows for much more powerful search and analysis. For example, a scientist in one field may use a different term to those in another field, but using standard terms we can link these two claims together and provide cross-field visibility. In future we also hope to provide searching and analysis across different levels of the term tree eg. Hominids or Mammals would consolidate claims for species further out on the tree.

How to capture claims using Research Analysis?

  1. Add Claim on View Claims page: To enter a claim on this page you simply need to enter the values into each of the boxes at the top of the table and then press the “Add Claim” button. The nice thing about this method is that it simultaneously searches the database to see if the claim already exists and you’ll see related claims as you enter each of the terms.
  2. Upload a Spreadsheet of Claims: To load a batch of claims you can go to the Upload Claims menu option and select and upload a spreadsheet containing claims. The spreadsheet will need to be in the right format and you can learn more in this article.

We hope that this helps you get started with Research Analysis, but please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.